Transplanting Trees At The QEH

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in King's Lynn in Norfolk has been granted planning permission for a new endoscopy unit, this is great news for the trust in desperate need of new investment and space to provide such critical care it's patients in the area. 

In order to build this new facility, twelve trees did unfortunately need to be removed, of which are due to be replaced with new ones in 2022, we were contracted to remove said trees, but look forward to the opportunity of tree planting later in the season. We intend on using extra heavy standards from Barcham. Utilising not only the best stock but over sized, of which will provide instant impact and soften the new building.

In addition to the tree removals and stump grinding, the translocation of three trees was outlined under the planning conditions. We were very excited about this aspect of the project at Yes Trees Ltd as it is common to remove and replant with little regard to what has the potential to be saved. 




Transplanting trees isn't a straightforward operation and requires the utmost understanding of tree biology, root structure, soil conditions and general care throughout the operation. It involves the use of a tree spade, which can be described as four massive shovels driven by hydraulic rams that wrap the main stem, then cuts through the soil and roots clamping the root mass and enabling both tree and root ball to be lifted out of the ground. The tree can then be moved to its new location, where once in place, requires guying. We settled on the Tre for this.


 We wish the QEH all the best with the rest of the build.  


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